Vitali is marking the launch of his latest book “The “Bumper Book of Vitali’s Travels – Thirty Years of Globe-Trotting (1990 – 2020)” with a series of Sunday webinars, designed to bring you on a journey and uplift your spirits during these pandemic times of isolation. Join us on a Sunday afternoon, for a warm and fun discussion and reading, as we continue to travel from the comforts of our home.

  • Secrets of successful travel writing
  • Hidden corners of Europe (enclaves, exclaves, mini-states, micronations)
  • The world’s territorial oddities (condominiums, tripoints, sub-enclaves, curious time-zones, quadripoints etc.)
  • Become a time-traveler (traveling the world with very old vintage guide-books, Baedekers, Murrays etc.)
  • Drinks and cultural identity (based on Borders Up and Bumper)

Videos from past VVinars…