In the West, Vitaliev has won several literary and journalistic awards, including The Royal Melbourne Show Journalism Award (First Prize) in Australia, RTS Award for the best TV entertainment Show of 2007 (as part of the QI team) in the UK and was appointed Nieman Fellow in Journalism (Harvard University, USA) in 1990. In 2009 he was shortlisted and “Highly Commended” in the UK Columnist of the Year category of the PPA Awards.

In July 2010, he was declared Winner of the USA Trade Association & Business Publications International Awards (TABPI) in three categories. In spring 2010, “Life as a Literary Device” made it to The Independent newspaper’s list of Top Ten Best New Books. In April 2011, he was again shortlisted for a prestigious PPA UK Columnist of the Year Award, and in summer 2012 won another TABPI (see above) for the best regular magazine column. In 2013, was shortlisted for a BSME (British Society of Magazine Editors) Award for the Best Feature Idea.

In 2014, won another TABPI Award for Best Regular Column (Bronze), with the following judging comments: “Extraordinarily well written, crafted around unique technology topics and written in a personal way. Terrific entry.”

In 2015 he was shortlisted again for the PPA Award in the “Columnist of the Year” category and won the GOLD TABPI AWARD for the best regular column for his “After All” column in E&T, with the following judging comments: “Vitali Vitaliev is a brilliant writer, with a huge depth and breadth of knowledge and is on top of his game in this column format where he uses his storytelling skills superbly. You cannot put his columns down until you have soaked up every word. Year 2016 saw him shortlisted for a PPA Award in the “Columnist of the Year” category and winning again (for the second year in a row) another USA-administered GOLD TABPI AWARD for the best regular column (“After All” for E&T magazine), with the following judging comments:”Engaging and approachable, Vitali’s storytelling skill is exceptional. The dry humor, descriptive and simple language makes it not only easy, but enjoyable to read. I would have been happy had the column been double the length.” Year 2017 was marked with yet another PPA Columnist of the Year shortlisting.